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Photo gallery of our fence projects, glass fence, aluminum fencing, square fence, round fence, wall handrails…

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Our Specialization

We are the general distributor for aluminium railing systems
Aluban and AKM.

We offer aluminum pipes of various shapes, square pipes, round pipes, rectangular pipes, pipe elbows ....


Screws for fencing systems have a number of advantages over other ways of installing fencing systems. They are cheaper, have high strength, short installation time, do not require additional maintenance ....

Square Fence

Aluminum square fences are top quality fencing systems, poles and connecting elements can be combined with different handrail colors

Glass Fence

Glass fences are easy to install, offer every space a superior look, make them more elegant and interesting and have stable constructions.

Mounting Materials

Our easy-to-install mounting materials and systems represent innovative solutions. Mounting elements can be combined according to customer wishes.

Wall Handrails

Our wall handrails come with all the associated joints. We have four types of designs in different colors. Handrails are protected by a layer of anodizing (plasticization), wood pattern.